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The Borealis Fibremod™ family is expanding in South America

At Borealis we continue to improve the Fibremod™ grade portfolio; Our multipurpose reinforced PP compounds for reinforcements and structural applications. The Fibremod™ grades cover a wide range of applications; From simple fixing brackets to complex instrument panel structure.

The Fibremod™ grades offer advantages when compared to options for typical engineering plastics, such as;

  • lower density,
  • better processability
  • local availability and production in our Itatiba plant in São Paulo state.

Borealis is proud to announce that the continuously growing Fibremod™ portfolio will add three new grades:

  • Fibremod™ GF027SFB: Our very low-density solution with good balance between impact and stiffness. It is used for multiple kinds of applications, from complex design automotive instrument panel, to assembling frames for the furniture industry that require stapling capabilities and high dimensional stability.
  • Fibremod™ GD577SFB: Our choice for applications exposed to high temperatures. It is PP compound reinforced with 50% small glass fibre and robust mechanical performance.
  • Fibremod™ GC420SFB: Created to inject complex designed parts with high aesthetics appearance requirements, the FibremodTM GC420SFB is our PP compounding reinforced with 35% small glass fibre with high mechanical performance.

Below you can find our PP compound glass fibre reinforced portfolio in South America. We are certain there will be a perfect solution for your needs!

Borealis Fibremod™ Overview

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