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Reducing vehicle weight with global innovations

Borealis and Borouge are driving innovations in car materials. Working with vehicle manufacturers and other value chain partners, we are dedicated to realising tangible benefits for the industry, drivers, and the environment.

In addition to our cutting-edge innovation, we offer our partners the assurance of unrivalled quality control and a global footprint.

Two innovative product lines

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PP grades with recycled content

Our PCR Borcycle™ grades have been conceived for interior, exterior and under-the-bonnet applications and incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) content for a lower environmental impact.

On par performance

Originally developed by Borealis in Europe, these ready-made PCR Borcycle grades combine virgin polypropylene with high-quality reclaimed materials.

They are safe to use and provide a material performance and cost efficiency equal to virgin materials.

Reliable supply and quality

We have conquered the challenges associated with sourcing and processing recycled content.

As a result, our automotive customers and partners can rely on a steady supply of our resource-efficient Borcycle grades with consistent high quality.

Primerless paintability

Primerless paint systems for exterior plastic car parts are on the rise because they reduce cycle times and system costs, thus enabling a more sustainable production solution.

However, a two-step paint process – colour and clear coat – imposes stringent criteria on both polymer and paint.

Consistency is key

To ensure consistent high-quality results, the polymer and the paint system have to be fine-tuned and adapted to each other. Both production processes need to be reliable and robust, ruling out any fluctuations to guarantee optimal paint adhesion.

New compounds

We want to help our automotive value chain partners successfully apply primerless paint systems to realise cost and time savings. That is why Borealis has set up a major R&D programme to develop new bumper and body panel compounds specifically for two-layer paint systems.


  • Production efficiency
  • Total system cost savings
  • Material saving


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Colour expertise

We understand the importance of getting the colour right. Our experts therefore cooperate with pigment suppliers to develop tailored colour specifications for our automotive polypropylene compounds.

Even special effects created with more expensive alternative materials, such as metallic effects, can be imitated by our coloured PP grades.


  • Customised moulded-in-colour PP compounds fulfilling tailored colour specifications
  • Long-term heat and UV-stabilisation
  • Impact resistance gives good surface quality and appearance even after a low-speed incident (for example parking scratches and dents)
  • Can be used unpainted or with clear coat only, reducing overall system cost

Borealis and Borouge have a global footprint, providing tailored support to automotive tiers and OEM partners around the world.

Global production

We have 16 production sites making polyolefins for many different applications. Several of our European, Asian, North and South American plants produce specific thermoplastic polyolefins and polypropylene compounds for the automotive industry.

Dedicated development

Our automotive innovation and product development capabilities are located in key markets to facilitate close cooperation with our global automotive value chain partners.

  • Linz, Austria - Global Innovation Headquarters
  • Shanghai, China - Borouge Application Development Centre
  • Itatiba, Brazil – Product Development Centre
  • Taylorsville, North Carolina, United States – Product Development Centre

Global and local support

Borealis and Borouge have dedicated customer teams in key global automotive locations, which can provide industry-leading technical, sales and development support to automotive tiers and OEM partners at their own sites.

Committed to expansion

We are constantly investing in upgrading and expanding our supply and development capabilities to ensure we continue to meet the demands of our automotive partners.

Taylorsville, North Carolina, United States

The new Borealis polypropylene (PP) compounding plant in Taylorsville, North Carolina, has come on stream during Q1 2019, right on schedule. Its successful start-up signals the beginning of a new era for Borealis and Borouge in North America: an additional 30 kt has now been added to global PP compounding capacity with supply capability for thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and short glass fibre (SGF) compounds. Located in the booming southeastern region of the US, the site has been designed to fulfil the growing needs of Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 customers for advanced PP solutions. The 50,000 square foot (4,645 m2) facility, equipped with rail siding, offers potential for expansion in line with projected mid-term increases in customer demand.

Port Murray, New Jersey, United States

Borealis enhanced its production capabilities at its compounding location in Port Murray, New Jersey in 2016, adding a PP compound line. The line adds capacity to the site for the production of PP TPO compounds. The site has long been a location for the production of compounds for use in energy transmission applications, including flame retardant wire and capable in automotive.

Itatiba, Brazil

Not long ago our plant in Itatiba was expanded with an additional production building, two state-of-the-art PP compounding extruders, blending and raw material silos, warehouse facilities and a bagging line. Itatiba produces high performance, high-quality PP compounds for the South American operations of leading automotive tiers and OEM partners.

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