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Borealis Brasil launches first CES grade for automotive applications

Borealis Brasil S.A. launches first CES grade for automotive applications

Borcycle™ ME1490SYB: A more sustainable PP compound with 10% talc filler and 47% recycled material content

Borealis Brasil S.A. has launched the first Borealis Circular Economy Solutions (CES) grade for automotive applications, Borcycle™ ME1490SYB. With 10% talc filler and 47% recycled material content, this PP compound is the first automotive grade in the Borcycle™ portfolio of more sustainable recycled polyolefins (rPO) solutions. The grade has been approved by Stellantis and is being used in the new Fiat Strada, absolute best-selling vehicle in its category in South America.

In line with the pioneering Borealis EverMinds™ approach to promoting and accelerating the circular economy transition, grades in this portfolio help enhance plastics circularity. This is because they are based on the transformative technology Borcycle™, which turns polyolefin-based waste streams into high-quality recyclate. PP compounds in the Borcycle portfolio deliver stability, high performance and quality. They are formulated using a combination of virgin resins, PCR, mineral fillers, additives, and a production process technology that guarantees mechanical properties of high quality and consistency. The result: applications which formerly required compounds made of 100% virgin resins can now use Borcycle PP compounds like Borcycle ME1490SYB instead.

Because it offers excellent dimensional stability, this new grade is suitable for large injected parts requiring good mechanical performance in order to pass the ball drop test; this is critical and even mandatory for applications such as wheel housing covers.

Borcycle ME1490SYB is an important new step for Borealis and our customers towards plastics circularity, helping maintain the high quality and consistency of automotive applications while also enhancing their sustainability.

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