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Fibremod™ Carbon PP 2G – the next generation

The revolutionary Fibremod™ Carbon product family based on second-use carbon fibre offers OEMs and Tiers a wide range of opportunities to significantly reduce part weight while allowing for functionalization and modularization of components. Since its launch in 2016, our Fibremod Carbon portfolio has firmly established itself as a sustainable alternative to other material solutions such as engineering plastics and metals: by utilising “2nd use” carbon fibre, it enables the wiser use of material resources, and helps lower the overall CO2 footprint in an economic way.

Responding to our customers’ demand for material solutions that offer even better surface aesthetics and mechanical properties, Borealis has now developed two new low density material solutions: Fibremod CG210SY, containing 20% carbon fibre; and Fibremod CD211SY, a hybrid concept made with 10% talc and 10% carbon fibre.

Fibremod CG210SY and Fibremod CD211SY: advantages and applications in brief

  • Improved surface appearance and better dimensional stability
  • Unsurpassed stiffness and durability
  • Good paint adhesion and high flowability
  • Made in Europe, available around the world
  • Ideal for use in structural parts and body panel applications, including fenders and tailgate skins; structural interior applications with complex geometry; class-A painted surfaces

Borealis is currently developing additional new grades for use in painted and unpainted parts to supplement our offer for new and existing applications.

For more technical information on our Fibremod™ Carbon PP portfolio, including the two new grades Fibremod CG210SY and Fibremod CD211SY, please download the Product News.

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