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Borealis Fibremod™ Carbon for a lighter, even joyful, EV ride


There is high automotive industry demand for lightweighting solutions that improve the environmental performance of vehicles. To enable our partners and customers to meet this need, Borealis launched in 2016 the revolutionary Fibremod™ Carbon product family based on second-use carbon fibre. Fibremod Carbon solutions allow for significant part weight reduction, functionalization, and the modularization of components. This means that OEMs and Tiers are more likely to achieve their weight-saving targets, whether for traditional internal combustion engines vehicles, or for the newest generation of electric vehicles.

NIO, the most successful and undoubtedly most creative electrical carmaker in China, is known for its mission to provide the best possible – and even “joyful” – user experience in its premium electric vehicles. Borealis and Borouge are eager to support them in their efforts. In this instance, Borealis Fibremod™ CB201SY was determined to be the ideal material with which to produce the centre console carrier of the new NIO ES8 SUV. The main criteria for selection: the need for part weight reduction, Fibremod™ CB201SY offered 10% when compared to PP LGF30; design freedom for a relatively complex injection moulded part; good dimensional stability; and high stiffness. The part also offers a very useful and unique design feature in the form of a storage space in the centre console.

What makes Fibremod™ Carbon so appealing?

Fibremod™ Carbon grades are a cost-effective alternative to other high performance polymers like carbon fibre reinforced polyamide, and to conventional metals like magnesium. Their clear benefits include:

  • No contact corrosion
  • No moisture absorption
  • Very low Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE)
  • Suitability for standard injection processes.

What is more, the Fibremod Carbon family provides an excellent combination of stiffness, strength and affordability. Previously unseen stiffness levels of up to 16700 MPa may be achieved, all in combination with extremely low density. Technical components that have conventionally been produced using metal and/or engineering plastics can now be developed which offer similar or even higher stiffness, yet lower weight.

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