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Borcycle™ is the new home for Daplen™ PCR grades

EverMinds™ is the umbrella that unites the wide range of Borealis activities and initiatives aimed at making plastics more circular. First launched in 2018, this dedicated platform encompasses proprietary Borealis technologies and brands, including the recently introduced recycling technology, Borcycle™. This evolving technology is being used to produce high-quality compounds made of recycled polyolefins (rPO). It enriches the company’s existing virgin polyolefin portfolio with pioneering circular solutions for a broad range of demanding applications. Borcycle™ has now become the home brand for all existing Daplen™ post-consumer recyclate (PCR) grades.

A vital component of the Borealis EverMinds philosophy is that customer centricity drives polyolefins innovation. As the automotive industry pivots towards electric powertrains, it is increasingly crucial to reduce vehicular weight in order to extend range and lower the overall CO2 footprint. Automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers require a global supply of a wider range of lighter weight material solutions with enhanced sustainability. At the same time, these solutions must fulfil stringent performance characteristics, offer pleasing visual aesthetics, and allow for design freedom.

In 2014, Borealis was one of the first virgin polyolefin suppliers to launch under its Daplen™ brand a range of dedicated polypropylene (PP) compound solutions which included PCR for use in automotive applications. Ever since, Borealis has helped its automotive partners raise the share of recycled plastics in vehicles by developing innovative polyolefin-based solutions composed of both virgin and ever higher levels of PCR content.

The trusted Daplen portfolio, which includes three proven high-quality compounds developed in Europe, has now been rebranded as Borcycle. It includes:

  • Borcycle™ ME2220SY (25% PCR): for vehicle interior parts such as door trim and trunk linings
  • Borcycle™ MD2550SY (50% PCR): for under-the-bonnet (UTB) and exterior applications
  • Borcycle™ MD3230SY (25% PCR): for various exterior applications

Underscoring our global supply capacity, in 2015 Borealis Brasil also launched three additional grades for the South American market:

  • Borcycle™ MG1490SYB (50% PCR): for wheel arch liner and other exterior applications
  • Borcycle™ MG2690SYB (70% PCR): for UTB and exterior applications
  • Borcycle™ MG4490SYB (50% PCR): for lightening housing and other UTB applications

Borealis customers and partners know they can rely on the global availability of ready-made, high-end grades that deliver key advantages:

  • Delivers performance equivalent to 100%-virgin PP grades
  • Offers ready availability at consistent high quality, thus allowing for high-volume production
  • Supports OEMs in the achievement of their own sustainability aims through the use of PCR in automotive parts
  • Enables the use of these grades in serial production, and as virgin PP grade replacements, thanks to comprehensive support from Borealis technical service, modelling and simulation teams

For the full technical specifications of our entire Borcycle portfolio, please download the Product News here.

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