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Launch of lighter weight material solution for side mirrors

Borealis Brasil develops new Fibremod™ grades

Borealis is dedicated to helping its partners and customers in the automotive industry reduce part weight, enable more freedom in design, and enhance the environmental performance of vehicles – all while lowering overall system costs. Our innovative Fibremod™ portfolio of engineered short glass (SGF) and long glass fibre (LGF) PP compounds offers lighter weight material solutions. Fibremod grades are a cost-effective alternative to other high performance polymers, such as glass fibre reinforced polyamide.

Borealis Brasil has now expanded our Fibremod™ portfolio with the launch of two new Fibremod grades that can be used to produce lighter side mirrors: the 30% SGF Fibremod™ GE309SF, and the 40% SGF Fibremod™ GE409SF. While both grades are currently available to customers in South America only, the localization process for other global regions has already begun. As ideal replacement grades for engineering plastics, these two new grades complement Fibremod GD577SF, our globally-available 50% SGF grade.

Fibremod™ replaces PA 6 in Fiat Strada’s side mirror structural base. © Fiat

While the new Fibremod GE309SF and GE409SF grades were developed specifically for side mirrors, their excellent mechanical performance characteristics allow them to be used in other structural parts as well. The globally available Fibremod GD577SF has already found widespread application in front end modules and pedal housings.

All Fibremod grades share compelling advantages:

  • Significant weight savings when compared to PA-GF, with potential part weight reduction of up to 15%
  • Cost reductions of up to around 35%
  • No moisture absorption
  • Low density
  • Easy processability
  • Suitability for standard injection processes
  • Good performance to assembly final component
  • Pleasing surface aesthetics

For more information, please download our Fibremod™ portfolio brochure. Please contact one of our Sales Managers or Technical Experts for a personal consultation.

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